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Find your Perfect Kitchen Layout! September 28 2015

The kitchen is pretty much where we start and end the day. For a great start and end to the day, it is important to get your kitchen layout right. Besides having a beautiful kitchen, the functionality of the kitchen should also be an important element of consideration. 

Of course, the layout of the kitchen eventually boils down to the type of space you are creating in your new or existing home. Here are some recommended layouts for the different kitchen types:

1. For a cosy home: Wall Kitchen

This is the best layout for creating a cosy kitchen. Basically, all the appliances and food storage cabinets are lined up against the wall. This allows an open concept where wastage of space is reduced & provide great convenience for the user.

In fact, this layout is also popular amongst homeowners who desire an open concept kitchen. As the wall kitchen creates the spacial illusion, making a small house look big & and a big house look even bigger!

2. For an interactive space: L-shaped Kitchen with Island


A L-shaped kitchen enable much interactivity between the user and the kitchen appliances and cookwares. Now coupled with an Island, the user can prepare food facing out of the kitchen allowing much conversations & team work for cooking projects with the family & friends. Now who said cooking is a lonely affair?

3. For a flexible usage: L-shaped Kitchen 

If you are not only looking for maximising space, but also interested to make your kitchen into a dine-in kitchen as and when you like, you should definitely consider this layout. It improves the ergonomics of the kitchen increasing bench space, making meal preparation much easier. The L-shaped kitchen gives you the flexibility of open concept, interactivity or even both. 

Choose layout, think functionality!

Credit: Photos from Oriental Interiors & Concept Pte Ltd



4 Steps to Choosing your Perfect Oven August 16 2014

Building your new home? Replacing your old, faulty oven? Renovating your kitchen? An oven is one that you'll definitely want to be happy with. With new technologies in place, the simple cast iron oven has evolved into many different types of oven with a variety of features - How do you choose your perfect oven?

1. Size of Oven

Depending on the size of your family, you can decide to have a larger or a smaller oven. This, of course, is also limited by the size of your kitchen. Therefore, be sure of the size of the oven that you are looking for. Typically, a 60cm oven is found in most households. A good tip would be to measure the kitchen space available for oven before you go looking!

2. Type of Oven

From gas, electric, fan to multi-function ovens, all have their pros and cons. 

For gas ovens, they give off moisture when heating. Hence, they will not dry out food as much a electric ovens. However, because the the air circulates as the oven is heated, the top would be hotter than the bottom, so your food might not be cooked evenly.

Electric ovens  are the most common type of oven available in the market. However, control over its heat settings might not be optimal. 

While fan ovens allow faster cooking and increase energy savings, you might lose control over its heat settings.

Most people choose multi-functional ovens with combined features of gas, electric or fan elements to enable a better and versatile cooking experience. Choose the oven with features that best fits your cooking style and flexibility.

3. Budget

Oven prices range from more than $10,000 to as low as $300. An oven is an essential investment in your kitchen. Hence, when it comes to deciding which oven to buy, the price of the oven should not be the sole consideration of your decision. Instead, purchase one with good reliable features, branding, after-sale service and would last you at least a decade. This might mean even more cost-savings in the long run.

4. Built-in or Freestanding

Built-in ovens provide the flexibility of being installed into a wall or between your drawers, to give a more ergonomic and spacious look. It can also be customised to fit your height, to provide the ease to usage. Whereas for freestanding ovens, it would definitely be cheaper to replace, if your old one becomes faulty.


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