Teka Gas hob EX703GAIALTR

$535.50 $595.00

Gas hob

-Metal looking frontal knobs
-Enamelled grids or enamelled grids in matt finish
-Triple ring burner
-Stainless steel
-Dimensions: 680 x 500 mm
-Teka family look control knobs
-Auto-ignition integrated in the burner operated by each knob
-Auto-lock safety device integrated in each burner
-3 cooking zones: 1 triple ring burner (3.1 kW), 1 fast burner (2.8 kW), 1 semi-fast burner (1.75 kW)
-Gas typology: LPG (butane/propane), natural
-Hob lid optional
-Built-in in kitchen cabinets of 60 cm

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